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I am Lady Aislinn Bega Dannon Kildennyn...

Sit and I will tell you of myself

I was born in Ireland, the only child of a small house hold. My Mothers love of all things Fairy earned me a part of my name, Aislinn meaning Dream... Bega meaning Life...Dannon a misspelling of the Tuatha de` Danaan ( the royal house of the Sidhe or Fairy).

As is the way of our times my Father went off to wage war, he was one that never returned. I was but a year.

My Mother remarried, a Scotsman and so it was to Scotland we went. As I grew up in this land in the house hold of the only Father in my memory I grew to love it as well.

So at the late age of 19 my Father arranged a marriage with the lord of a small house hold and here I am today, lucky enough to be one of the few who has love in my marriage, as well as a small daughter full of laughter

On this Page you will find a small bit of my dreams, the part of me that only shows in rare glimpses.