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Laird Tarod Kildennyn of the clan MacIntyre

Tarod was found and taken in by the Clan MacIntyre after a band of raiders passed near their encampment. He was raised well, and educated as much more than the average Scot, for the clan was quite literate and spent more time on bardic songs and epic tales than wasting life in battle.

Though built for battle and rough of appearance, Tarod is a gentle soul, who would rather shed song than blood.

Just before his marriage, the laird of clan MacIntyre took him aside, and told him the tale of his finding, giving him his choice of paths to follow in life.

Thus he gave rise to Clan Kildennyn, whose existence is to take in and teach those who are without clan or family, and give them a name they can honor and uphold.

To this day, Kildennyn shall always support the clan MacIntyre, for Tarod still remains a loyal member to that clan, as well as his own.