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Captain Miras
Medeival Miscellany


You have entered the realm of Captain Mira, a world in which anything is possible. Things you find only in dreams become a reality here.

The Banshee is my ship, a vessel that has sailed the seas of imagination and returned to tell the tales. My crew are the members of House Silver Feather of the Onyx Moon, a noble clan of the Highlands of Scotland.

Being in the SCA or Society for Creative Anachronisms has its advantages. In mundane life I am a 24 year old housewife, in the SCA im the captain of my own ship. During the weekends of the summer I live in mideival times.

I started going to events at the age of 16, my first household was and still is Kildennyn. Since then I have met many interesting people of all different backgrounds which I would never have met in normal everyday life.

After several years I married and started my own household (Silver Feather of the Onyx Moon), which consists mostly of my deranged family members.